Imagen Series


The participants paying the registration fee can take part in this amazing new

Pictionary competition which will test your knowledge about the new web series.

· How is our Pictionary different from the normal Pictionary we play?

In our new Pictionary, the participant will have to answer two right answers to gain a point.

The first question: In this question, we will be showing the participants a picture or a

frame from a popular web series and the contestants will have to write it on a piece of

paper and whoever gives the right answer can answer the next question.

The second question: This second question will be unique. In this question we will be

giving only half of the name of a popular character in the show with blanks and the

participants will have to guess the blanks and whoever does it the quickest will be

rewarded the point.


  1. In this competition, no one will be eliminated and the participant with the most point at the end of the game will take home a shiny prize.

  2. To answer the first question the participants will only be given 30 seconds and whoever answers it right will be moving forward to answer the second question.

  3. · The participant who raises the hand first will be given a chance to guess the answer and only 3 guesses will be given to each player.

  4. · The person who tries to guess without raising their hands will be disqualified and whoever doesn’t follow the rules will be disqualified.





9618242748 – Ananya



*Note: Prize money will be given based on the number of registrations.

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