Quirky Ideas


1) Participant can choose a problem statement from the list displayed and need to propose

an innovative solution within the given time of 10 min using the given resources.

2) Proposed ideas or solutions will be evaluated.

3) Top two solutions will be given prize money.


1) Participant has to pay Rs 20/-.

2) Participant can be individual or in groups but fee has to be paid individually.

E-certificates for all participants.


1) Dhanalakshmi - 8341320283

2) T Vikas - 7893715134

3) B Manideep - 6303503757

4) Rohan - 7671020127

Registration Fee: Rs 20/-

Prize Money:*

1) First Prize: Rs 1000/-

2) Second Prize: Rs 500/-

*Note: Prize money will be given based on the number of registrations.

Registration Form