Paper/Poster Presentation


The purpose of the poster is to serve as a summary and an advertisement of the work that supplements the researcher's presentation. The poster could be thought of as an illustrated version of the abstract with visual displays of data and small blocks of text that explain the project and support the content data.


  1. participants have to make theirs posters in A3 size.

  2. The poster must consist of the paper title, Poster presenter’s name.

  3. Participates are encouraged to prepare the explanation of their concern poster before the

  4. event commences.

  5. There must be 2 copies of your poster printed.

  6. The participants must be present on time without any Delay.

  7. Participates are asked to work fairly without any malpractices. Any malpractices major or minor

  8. may lead to immediate termination from further participation.

  9. The theme of the poster must be technical.

  10. The poster should be pitched in front of the jury, at the location of the event.

  11. You must demo your work in 5 min – 10 min & 5 min Q&A from the jury

  12. A team can consist of max of 2 people.

  13. Participation certificate will be given to all students who participates in the event.

  14. Achievement certification will be given to the best theme and best poster.


S. Sreevidhya (9390712791)



FIRST: 1500/-

SECOND: 1000/-

*Note: Prize money will be given based on the number of registrations.

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