Code Blasters


This event is technical oral quiz which includes the technical topics


1. There will be n teams participating in the quiz.

2. There will be 25 questions.

3. There will be three rounds in which the first two rounds contain 10 questions each, And the last round contains 5 questions.

4. Each team will be having 1000 points initially

5. At the first the subtopic or hint or the difficulty of the question will be revealed then the teams start bidding according to the points they have.

6. The team with the highest bid gets the chance to answer the question,if they answer the question correctly they gets the double the points of their bid

7. If the team guesses the wrong answer they lose the points.

8. If the team reaches zero points they get eliminated from the quiz.

9. The first 5 teams will only be allowed to enter the final round. And the remaining teams get eliminated from the quiz.

10. After the final round the team with the highest points wins the Quiz contest.

11. No electronic gadgets should be used during the contest.

Team size: 4


1.Vamshidhar Reddy 9390097021

2.D.Sindhuja 9603212111

3.Anusha- 9391328600

4.Rafiq -7207807663

REGISTRATION FEE: Rs 50(per team)

PRIZE MONEY:* 1000/-

*Note: Prize money will be given based on the number of registrations.